Friday, May 29, 2009

waiting for the electrician

im sitting here with Dante [grandson 2 years] asleep upstairs, waiting for his brother to be born.

we were at the park this afternoon, that would be the park Fred Keeley said no one use because he's the kind of officious public servant who knows everything wrong, but is arrogant and a pissant to boot.

we were at the park this afternoon, and Dante, who is now physically pretty controlled, altho falls from time to time controlled, was climbing on structures pretty well.

he was interested in watching the big kids running, climbing and jumping on everything - but not wholly interested in being involved with them in any particular way.

which brings me to my point regarding my work.

there are seldom any people in my images, and if they are, it's unlikely they are anyone you can identify - how come?

i hadn't thought about it much until i watched Dante avoid the big kids.

when i have a choice, i don't like people. i'd prefer to be left alone - what legal scholars state that which defines the right to privacy. i'm not interested in listening to others' litany of problems, regurgitated perceptions of reality as dictated by the media, or careworn popular culture claptrap regarding the challenges of the earnest borgeouis middleclass, deflating retirement accounts and real estate, inflating butts, jowls, guts or metastases.

i don't mind an intellectual challenge, the wit or insight of the gifted and anything that offers the opportunity to experience something that will drag me outside or transcend myself, or provide the shock of the new - that has nothing to do with style.

i'm not just jaded, i'm just about 60 and i dont have the time for the predictable pathetic weight of this disintegrating culture.

so, i do landscapes devoid of people. not because the landscape is God's pristine garden, but because there people aren't there. i don't care how many feet have trod the place. i don't believe a place is any better due to the difficulty of inhabiting it.

at that moment i'm in it, it talks to me because no one else is there - at that moment, which i love - and for the image to share with those who also respond to an empty place for a moment to be alone.