Friday, January 13, 2012

Geology as Art

Great photographs of the Grand Canyon as geology

I discover twitter

Well, here are the stats on twitter, for what that's worth.

My intention has been to follow people/institutions etc. that have something to do with art, either artists that do landscapes, galleries, curators, art critics, museums, and places I like.

Seeking information and contacts with others, I have a distinct negative reaction to those whose ratio of following is lower than their followers. I reject some out of hand.

Perhaps I'll change my mind when I'm popular. I doubt it. I see it as a disinterest in self education.

So, this is twitter...

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Art Challenge

2012 should be a terrific year with a tremendous amount to be done.

Over the past month I've started to learn how to use Twitter and Facebook. It's taken some time, and I don't have a very good handle on how to use them quickly and painlessly.

Whether or not either turns out to be the wonder the world claims, we'll see.

I'm going to document the process, and other organizational processes I'm working on, so I can both follow my own progress, so you can, and, if applicable, you might find it useful.

I am attempting to use social media to both increase my own awareness of what is going on in parts of the art world that can help me gain viewers and information.

This year I plan to start painting more, some pictures from the ground up in acrylic and pastels. I have joined the California Art Club, and found a few artists, so far, whose work appeals to me, and who I plan to contact to see if I can acquire some lessons with them.

I have also purchased a computer based art management program that should help me manage where my art is, art shows and contact management. This is called GYST.

In the process of organizing my art work, I will also be accumulating works I can write more about with the intention of creating some brochures and handouts to help promote my work. This, perhaps, in the mistaken belief that the more people know about what they are looking at, the more it might be appreciated.

I will keyword my future posts as follows: social media, gyst, painting
so it may be easier to isolate each of these threads.

I currently have 16 works in 3 art venues in California and I don't know how many locally at The Satellite, an office space rental for part-time use here in Felton. I had applied to a show in Pasadena for which I would have had to prep more pictures if I had been accepted, but, happily, in a way, I have not been, so I now have time to focus on the organizational stuff I need to do.