Monday, March 30, 2009


I don't know why I wasn't getting UPS emails - which are the only way I get their bills, but I didn't get them for a few months.

Now my UPS usage is pretty small...I gripe about another issue later, but we're not talking about a lot of dough.

So, they get around to sending me a notice by mail about my unpaid balance, about which I was partially unaware. Why partially? Well, I gave a vendor my UPS account number and asked them to send me stuff on my account to save a shipping premium they charge. Well, I get no invoices from UPS, so I'm not aware of what I owe.

I call them, and discover, aha, here are the collect charges. They ask about my email address to make sure it's the right one, and, lo and behold, it is - I still didn't get the invoices, but I paid what I believed I owed - never got any invoices from them - by email even after I called.

They added late payments. I didn't pay them.

Now they've given me notice I've got an invoice, and I got to log in to my account, and can't. Ask to get a new password by email. I get it....can't log in with the new password. Get another password from them...can't log in with that one.

Woof - I call the number in the email states they're open Mon-Fri 8am - 9pm eastern time. The message says, they're open 8am to 8pm eastern time. Too late on the west coast to call after 5pm.

Ok, I'll call tomorrow.

How much time invested? Just 1 hour so far.

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