Friday, May 25, 2012

5 Images Entered for MFA American Landscapes Show

Susan Behrends Frank, The Phillips Collection is the juror for the American Landscapes show at the Maryland Federation of Art Circle Gallery August 17- September 16, 2012 in Annapolis, MD.

I've entered 5 photographs and photo/paintings on canvas for consideration.

Three Quarters of a Million Mornings Like This

A photograph taken in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park in November 2011. This is a very common scene in coastal redwood groves, which are unique to California, Henry Cowell here at the foot of Ben Lomond Mountain where I live. The rapidly growing trees can live thousands of years and grow to 300 feet in the moist coastal range. This scene of small stand of old growth trees here in Felton reminds us that it has been repeated easily as long humans have been reading and writing.

Henry Cowell February Rhytms
Another shot from Henry Cowell Park, this one 4 months later in the early spring we had. This shot along the San Lorenzo River riparian corridor features some of the new growth on the forest floor while the deciduous trees are still tightly in bud.  This one, like that above, is looking North; if you look carefully, you can see redwoods in the dark distance. This image has been filtered in Photoshop to have a painterly feel, printed on canvas and presented as a painting rather than matted under glass.
Matzke Sculpture Park Panorama #5    Camano Island, WA
This spring I took a trip to British Columbia and Seattle. Among the places I discovered was Carla Matzke's Gallery and Sculpture Park on Puget Sound near Bellingham. Carved out of the coastal conifers, ferns and undergrowth, are remarkable sculptures and a destination well worth visiting. Isn't that Western red cedar something?
Athabaska Rhytms in the Stone
Near Athabaska Falls in the Canadian Rockies close to Jasper, Alberta, we're looking into the channel cut into the rocks by the snowmelt swollen Athabaska River. I found the counterpoint of the rocks, water, trees, moss and sunlight to be one of the most harmonious images I've made. Presented as a painting on canvas.
Summer at Seven Thousand Feet Utica Lake Sierra Nevada
The most processed and painterly of the 5 images here, this was a photograph taken in the Central Sierra Nevada in the summer by Utica Lake. It reminded me as I shot it of so many of the subjects and style of the plein aire California painters of the last century. There are times a location like this calls to me from the past like that.

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